7 Corners Express Robinson’s Galleria

Even during cold weather, why not take a break and eat gelato? That’s what we were thinking while we were strolling about in Robinson’s Galleria. At the top floor, coincidentally in one of the corners, we found 7 Corners Express. They mainly offer gelato and they’ve got quite a lot of flavors on their menu.

We’ve been to a bunch of gelato ice cream stores and by far they’re one of the cheapest. It’s only P50 a scoop of gelato and yes, the serving that we got, as shown in the picture, was a scoop. Not bad at all, right? I mean that amount of gelato would have cost us more than P150 in other gelato stores.

However, we’ve been there a few times and we noticed that despite the number of flavors etched on their glass wall, the more exotic flavors aren’t available. In fact, the available flavors are mostly regular flavors like chocolate, coffee, bubblegum, vanilla, pistachio and the likes. We see these flavors in a lot of gelato stores. I’ve always wanted to try tiramisu and black sesame, but so far, these flavors have eluded us.

However, the taste is really good. It was unexpectedly creamy and thick. It’s very rich in flavor and my wife and I each enjoyed our scoops. We wanted more but we wanted to control our sugar intake. So we came back a few times.

But then, we noticed that they have several misses amidst the good serving that we got the first time. We want to commend Julie, the one that assisted us, as she was smiling even though it was already late in the afternoon and she was there all alone. We got a good laugh and had a nice serving of gelato. Overall, great experience.

Unfortunately, on another day, the other lady who shall not be named, was grumpy and was obviously fighting with a guy on the phone. Her grumpiness overflowed to us and her eyebrows were expressive of her emotions. It was a Monday, wherein they offer buy 1 take 1 scoop. Yes, that’s buy 1 and take 1, and that’s only P50. So it’s practically P25 a scoop of gelato! Not bad, so it seems.

The disappointment came when we tasted the gelato. It didn’t taste like the one we got the first time. Just an observation, it tasted like normal ice cream and it’s a bit watery. You know when ice cream is mixed with water? That’s how it tasted and it was awful for a gelato. Poor excuse, so to speak, and it unacceptable. That’s not all. The serving we got was undeniably less than what we expected. We paid P100 so we should have been given 4 scoops, but lo and behold, this other lady gave us small servings and she said that it’s just how it is.

7 Corners showed promise, but the quality and quantity of the ice cream was inconsistent as well as the staff. The price is very affordable for a gelato and they have a nice place should you want to sit down and take a rest from your mall strolling. Overall, try to ask for a free taste first to see if it is thick and if it is indeed pure gelato. If it tastes good, then go for it because it’s well worth it.

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7 Corners Express

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