Adobo Connection Ayala Malls Feliz

We’ve been to Ayala Malls Feliz near Ligaya along Marcos Hi-Way ni Marikina. True enough, as with some of the Ayala Malls, there are still lots of shops that haven’t opened yet. And this is true with restaurants, especially at their food court. There aren’t many choices when it comes to the places you can eat here, but good thing there are some and we tried a somewhat old favorite of many, Adobo Connection.

First of all, the mall is practically new. As soon as you enter its premises, you will immediately notice shops that are still closed. Thus follows its food court. The place is nice though and very clean and the restaurants are lined up with enough space to move around. Even the tables are spaced well. That’s a good plus if you’re dining in.

Adobo Connection is famous for their adobo flakes. However, they have a bit more to offer so we went for their meals with unlimited rice, Fish and Tofu and Garlic Chick’en Pork. The price is not bad at all. Looking at the serving we got for P159, our tummies were full.

But what about the taste? They’re unexpectedly good. We got the adobo rice, which is nice and indeed is adobo, and the regular serving can even serve 2 persons. The fish and tofu that I ordered is quite tasty and has enough sauce to juice it up. The ratio is also good between tofu and fish. This is one of my complaints from other restaurants that they prepare more tofu than its partner. So this is another plus for Adobo Connection. The lumpia was also good. It’s the taste that I usually look for. The wrapper isn’t too thick and it is filled with ingredients.

As for my wife’s order, the Garlic Chick’en Pork, it’s not too bad as well. The sauce is somewhat sweet garlicky and it’s really a pleasure to eat. She got the pancit instead of the lumpia and we split our food so we could both have a taste. Taking your order is efficient too and is quite fast even though a lot of people are ordering.

Overall, Adobo Connection in Ayala Malls Feliz delivers and should satisfy your hunger and a good choice among the few restaurants that are open. Hopefully, they’d maintain and better yet, improve on their offerings, especially when restaurants in the mall proliferate.

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Adobo Connection Ayala Malls Feliz

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