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We’re back again with our bakery reviews and this time, it’s the all-new All Day supermarket’s Bake My Day. They are still relatively new and All Day/All Home opened in the latter part of December. We even got to experience late night shopping when they opened last Christmas. We missed the old Shopwise here so we visited the supermarket and immediately noticed the bakery, which is at the left side by the entrance on the ground floor.

Firstly, the place looks quite nice. There’s plenty of seating and they’re pleasing and comfortable. The area isn’t cramped and easily accessible. It’s just the bread area is quite narrow and it’s hard to move around when there are many people looking for bread.

Now onto the bread. We bought a few of them and the staff was nice when we paid for the breads. We left them there for the meantime and went up to the supermarket, which by the way, is nice and has a good inventory and they have a much bigger furniture/appliance/electronics area.

So we took back the breads we ordered and we tried them out and we liked them, except for one though. The Spanish bread was quite big. My wife pointed it out to me since Spanish bread is one of my favorites as well. It was good and the filling was adequate and really sugary sweet. We also tried the brownies and it was also good. It’s fairly big and fairly priced much like the Spanish bread.

And then, we tried the floss bread with seaweed wrap. This was kind of uniquely weird. Personally, I am torn between liking floss bread or not. But lo and behold, they have one that is wrapped in seaweed. It’s like sushi bread. Well, at least for me, it didn’t go well with each other and it’s just a teeny bit expensive. I bought a chocolate delight and it was good and redeemed the sushi bread. That’s how I’d call it.

Well, we loved almost all of the breads we tried as well as the place at Bake My Day, nice name but a bit cheeky, but again it’s a good bakery overall. They quite a lot of cakes too and more stuff to order so it’s a nice place to take a break while shopping at All Day/All Home.

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Bake My Day All Day

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