Baliwag Lechon Robinsons Galleria Foodcourt

If you haven’t been to Robinsons Galleria recently, you probably haven’t seen its food court renovations. It has improved a lot and the more enticing it is now to eat here. One of my favorites is Baliwag Lechon branches that are in food courts. They are much, much different than the ones we see on stalls on the streets. First of all, they offer a casual dining experience and a broader menu.

One of my favorites if their Half Liempo with rice and sides since it’s quite cheap for its quality and quantity. Even though it’s dunked in cooking oil, and unhealthy, it’s that good. But of course, they have vegetables, fish and chicken dishes available should you wish to eat something healthier.

One of the quirks that I see in many Baliwag branches is the sauce or the ‘sarsa’ of their liempo. There are times when it’s too sour, sometimes it’s too bland and there were even times when it was just plain rotten (probably an old stock). But if the branch gets it right, it perfectly complements the liempo. This branch in Robinsons Galleria is just that.

One positive aspect is their timeliness. The mall opens at 10:00 in the morning. Once you step inside the mall, you expect the stores to be open and ready to serve the customers, right? Restaurants should be no exception. They should be ready once the mall opens because some people do like to eat first before walking about the mall. I, for one, like to eat early because at around 11:30 or so, especially on a weekend or a sale day, restaurants become packed. At mall opening time, it’s easy to order food. That was a long-winded explanation, but to sum it up, Baliwag’s branch here in Robinsons Galleria pass this test. We went just as the mall opened and they had their menu ready, maybe not all of them, but they were prepared. They’re nice too.

We enjoyed dining here since the renovation is a huge plus. There are more seats, better spacing and more foods to choose from. Baliwag lechon should be among the best here. We’ve tried others and the quality of Baliwag is a notch higher than a lot of the restaurants here. The price is just a teeny bit higher on some dishes, but most likely you’ll get better quality food.

So if you are frequent customer of Baliwag, you most likely won’t be disappointed in their branch here. If not, then please go ahead and try it. We recommend it and who knows? It may become your favorite too.

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Baliwag Lechon Robinsons Galleria

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