Boulangerie22 Venice Grand Canal Mall

Bakeries ‘R Us, is what I’d like to call us since we really love breads, cakes, pastries, sweets and so on. We visit the Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hills occasionally and we’ve always noticed this bakery, Boulangerie22, both in terms of the breads, their offers and that name. So I did a bit of research and found out that boulangerie is simply a French bakery or a bakery that specializes in bread. The 22 must have another meaning, probably something special about them.

They are located by one of the bridges. They’re on the lower level facing the canal itself. Their place is quite noticeable and apart from the breads, they have a dining area as well at the end. There are quite a lot of breads to choose from and they offer some of them Buy 1 Take 1. And apart from their daily offers, which may change from time-to-time without further notice, they put some of the breads on sale, which we whole-heartedly accept and buy.

And yes, they offer more than breads. They have drinks, pastas, cookies and cakes. Their dining area isn’t that big though, but that’s okay. Now, again, if you’ve read most of our bakery reviews, one of the telltale signs of a good bakery, at least from our experience, is that from a few feet away, you should smell the aroma of freshly baked breads. Boulangerie22 does have this aroma, but not that strong though since a lot of the breads are inside plastic bags.

We’ve bought a few of them to try them out and they were good, especially the chocolate-themed breads. We observed that their dough is just basic, not soft enough and a bit airy. Being airy means that when the bread isn’t eaten for a while, it will shrink and isn’t that chewy anymore. It’s good if you’ll eat them immediately though.

As for the staff, they were nice. There’s something welcoming you by the entrance and will tell you what they offer. The place is clean as well, and organized.

As for those that have other ingredients such as cheese, they’re fairly ok. The serving and the sizes of the breads are just fine as well. Overall, they’re a good bakery, but they need to offer more unique breads. Boulangerie would be easily become a favorite when they offer something new and different. Promos are okay, but consumers may now be looking for something else.

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Boulangerie22 Venice Grand Canal Mall

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