Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings SM Aura Premier

When we had the chance to get a taste of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings with colleagues, I brought mine home and had my wife taste it. She loved it, especially the salted egg variety. So when we got the chance, my wife and I went to Frankie’s in SM Aura’s foodcourt at the 4th level and took home a half-dozen salted egg wings, which is P199 and boneless hickory barbecue without rice for P189.

Before we go into the food itself, just a few notes about their location. They are on the 4th floor food court of SM Aura, which is a bit higher-end compared to other food courts in other malls, at least from our observation, since a lot of the restaurants/food stall here are a teeny bit more expensive than the others.

The place has lots of seating available though, which is a good thing and they have a better service when it comes to waiting time. They’ll give you a device that lights up and vibrates once your order is ready. So you can find a seat, if you don’t have one yet, or wait at your table. The serving time is not that bad. We got ours in like 10 minutes despite the long queue of customers. It’s in a thick cardboard container though, which is just fine.

So when we got home, we tasted it and it was just marvelous. The salted egg was really powdery good. The boneless hickory barbecue was my choice since I don’t like having to remove bones from my food. They were of the same quality that we tasted from another branch, the one along J. Vargas near Meralco Ave.

But overall, it’s really, really good to nibble on the chicken wings as they are flavorful and they’re not as small as I am used to seeing chicken wings to be. The price isn’t too steep for its quality so we really recommend you try them out.

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Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wing SM Aura Premier

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