Gift Avenue Cafe, Gatewall Mall Cubao

There’s this one little restaurant along the ground floor of Gatewall Mall in Cubao that caught our attention. When you look at Gift Avenue Café, it’s something that you don’t usually see. It’s like there’s a lot of things going on. It’s full of lights, the tables are different, there bean bag chairs and there are lots of shelves with lots of things on it. It’s also in a peculiar place within the mall as it is near the roadway that goes through the mall, but still, we see a lot of people eating there.

My wife recommended it to me as she told me that the feedback about the place is good. So we went there and sat on one of the elevated tables. You will notice the shelves and it has lots of stuff that’s on sale and the name of the person or brand posted by the goods that are being sold.

As for the dining experience, it’s just okay. There’s ample lighting and it livens up the mood. It’s also a busy street so it adds to the up-tempo of the place. We like the tables, but the bean bags are purely for fun and if you’re not eating rice since they are too low to eat comfortably, maybe when you’re mainly for drinks and just simply chatting.

My wife ordered the salted egg shrimp and I ordered the sweet and sour fish fillet, since I just had my tooth extracted a few days back so I had to choose softer foods. Both were really good. They’re P249 and P189, respectively. They’re quite expensive though, but maybe not too much for the shrimp, but they taste exceptional.

The salted egg shrimp has the nice blend of saltiness and they are medium-sized, at least. The cream sauce adds to the flavor. The sweet and sour fish fillet was a mystery. The sauce isn’t what you usually get for such a dish. They’re usually orange to light reddish in color, but theirs is more yellowish. However, it does taste good and it’s a good mix of sweetness and chilliness. It’s also cooked well and really soft. It’s a pleasure to eat, along with the sides.

The lone staff that day was nice. He was able to accommodate requests from all of us. The place got really busy and people come in and go consistently. We enjoyed our stay and we accepted the fair bit more expensive price.

Overall, Gift Avenue Café’s food offerings are good and are of excellent quality. The place is also nice and lively even during off-peak hours. Nice staff, great ambiance, just a bit pricey, but still manageable.

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Gift Avenue Café Gatewall Cubao

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