The Halal Guys SM Megamall

Halal Guys is easily in the top 3 of my most favorite middle-eastern food places and we’ve always frequented their branch in Eastwood Mall. We were curious about their branch in SM Megamall which is located at the food hall on the fifth floor in the new fashion building. It’s in a food court so expect the place to be rowdy during lunch or dinner time. We were there during lunch time and it was chaos. There were too many people there.

The staffs were nice though but we’ve observed a few things outright. First, they apparently do not have fish platter or fish sampler, but hopefully it’s in their menu. That’s fine as their beef and chicken gyros are also good. So they’re limited compared to the Eastwood branch. By itself, the Megamall branch is just okay.

The platters’ servings here aren’t that great. They’re just okay, but again, when compared to their Eastwood branch, they’re just a bit off. As for the taste, we ordered both chicken and beef, they’re just the same though. And one other note, the presentation. That day, there was a long line of customers and it was evident that they were in a hurry to fulfill orders. However, that compromised the presentation. The veggies are all over the place as well as the meat.

You just have to endure the number of people and the tight spacing in the food hall and the slightly less serving. The prices are just about right though, but they’re more expensive than, say, Turks or Khaleb for that matter.

But overall, it’s still the good quality gyros and they are consistent when it comes to taste. Try their garlic sauce though. It’s really good. And even if you have your food to go, you have complete sauces. Still good to try if you’re in Megamall, but Eastwood branch is much better and they have their own place there.

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The Halal Guys SM Megamall

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