Honey’s Kimchi Shangri-La Plaza Food Court

Honey’s Kimchi is one of those stores in food courts that my wife loves and is where you can go to when you’re looking for a fairly cheap daily meal. Despite that, they still offer great-tasting food. The last time we ate at Honey’s Kimchi was at Robinson’s Galleria. So how does it compare? And how is it when it’s standalone?

On the dining front, Honey’s Kimchi is located at the food court of Shangri-La Plaza. The place is quite crowded and during lunch/dinner sales/holiday, getting a table can be a challenge. They also aren’t good at cleaning here. The staff of the food court is one of the most lax I’ve seen. We saw several tables uncleaned for more than 15 minutes. We were even able to finish our food and one of the tables near us is still unclean.

As for the staff of Honey’s Kimchi, they’re just ok. Nothing bad, but nothing spectacular either. The food is, although it’s not really Korean in nature as the name Kimchi implies, quite great. The pork belly that my wife ordered was well-cooked and she even had bean sprouts with the rice. We both tasted it and for a mere P75, this is already a great deal.

Compared to the other branch in galleria, I think this branch is much better in terms of food quality and quantity. Remember when we ordered back then? The food was so-so. The only problem with their branch here in Shangri-La food court is the dining area.

In conclusion, we enjoyed the cheap, but quality, meal we had at Honey’s Kimchi. You just have to bear with the massive number of people in the food court and its staff not efficiently cleaning up the place.

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Honey’s Kimchi Shangri-La Plaza Food Court

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