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When we visit our family in the South of Metro Manila, we often go out together and eat somewhere. Most of the time, we go to SM City BF Paranaque and find a place to eat there, and this time, we tried something new. We saw Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsun at the ground floor of the mall and we saw that they have quite the menu and even though their place seems to be at an awkward location in the mall, there were quite a lot of people eating.

At the entrance, we saw the menu and by golly, that’s a huge menu. They offer Chinese cuisine and they have regular orders to dimsum to rice toppings. They have pork, chicken, seafood and veggies too, so there’s really plenty to choose from. What we liked is that even though we had a big order, everything that we wanted was available. So each one of the food that we like, we got to order.

Firstly, the place looks real nice. Just looking at that décor, the lanterns were really complementary to the ambiance. The staffs were just okay. Sometimes hard to find, but they can somehow manage the number of guests even right before the store/mall closes. We really noticed that a lot of people eat here and there are really lots of tables for everyone.

We’ve tried a lot of their menu that day: lechon macau, tausi, sweet and sour fish/pork, a platter with chicken and century egg, asado and a few more. Their rice toppings have unli-rice too, which was super since their servings are quite respectable. We loved all of them.

I especially liked my tausi. It was really creamy and sweet. As much as I’d want to avoid getting another rice, I had to ask for one. The sweet and sour varieties were the favorites of our aunts and our cousins/brother liked everything we ordered. Also, look at that macau, what a serving! They’re not that cheap, but not too expensive either.

Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum does have quality Chinese cuisine and at a fair price and great servings. No wonder many people go to them and dine. It’s a must try if you love Chinese food. Great for gathering or even just a night out.

Thanks to our cousin, Ate Anna, for the pictures. 

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Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum

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