Jollibee Nasugbu Batangas

We were on a trip to Canyon Cove in Batangas this August and food in that area is quite limited. In fact, it would cost you hundreds of pesos if you buy food from within. So what we did was we ate lunch before going to the resort to check in and we ate lunch after checking out the next day. We had dinner at the resort that cost us around P770 for just a few grilled items.

Anyway, as a Filipino, the go-to fast food that many of us still love is Jollibee. And at the center of Nasugbu Batangas, near Savemore and a few blocks away from the municipal hall, is the Jollibee branch. You won’t miss it because it’s on the main highway.

Since it’s the only branch in Nasugbu, as far as I know and as of this writing, it’s teeming with customers and we felt the full brunt of a packed Jollibee. Locals and tourists alike ate there during our lunch before heading back to Manila. There were plenty of seats even though it really looked like we didn’t have a chance to get one.

It’s basically what you have come to expect from a Jollibee branch, amongst their hundreds of branches. There are parking spaces outside, it’s at a great location and despite the number of people, air-conditioning was sufficient, at least from our table near the counters.

The staffs were efficient. Even though there were several lines, they were able to get our order quickly and as soon as we got to the counter, they placed our orders and in just 5-10 minutes, we got our food. We ordered the fairly new meals, spaghetti chicken and lumpia burger steak combos. They taste as expected. They’re not that bad at all. The chicken parts were just right and the flavors are rich.

People are warm and calm, probably because they experience less stress than us in Manila who feel the effects of the terrible traffic and fast-paced living. There are a few places to eat in Nasugbu, but if you suddenly crave for familiar taste, or if you basically just want to eat Jollibee, apart from having no choice, this branch is recommended. Efficient staff, clean place and expected quality of food.

Jollibee Nasugbu Batangas

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