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One of the Dimsum Restaurants that we’ve always wanted to try is King Chef. We weren’t that lucky the first two times we went there. First, the place was packed and the queue was so long so we had to choose another restaurant because we were already hungry. The other time was already late at night and we missed the cut off so they told us that they were not accepting any more customers. So the third time’s a charm. We went there around 20-30 minutes after it opened and we finally got to try King Chef on the ground floor of The Block at SM City North EDSA.

The place was nice. It was cozy and there were lots of tables available. The couches were comfortable too and their service was admirable. We ordered some favorites such as fish tausi, sweet and sour fish, lumpiang shanghai and hakaw.

I personally like their fish tausi. It’s sweet enough, not too sweet, and the fish was quite tender. On the other hand, I didn’t like their sweet and sour fish because of the sauce. It was like 70% sour and 30% sweet. It wasn’t mixed well so it was hard to eat especially since I have acid reflux.

The lumpiang shanghai or Shanghai rolls, wasn’t that good as well. I love eating lumpia, don’t get me wrong though. King Chef’s was just okay. It’s just that it wasn’t the type of lumpia that I like. The ingredients wasn’t particularly filled and the wrapper made up most of it.

However, the hakaw was exceptionally good. It was actually one of the best hakaws, in the likes of Mr. Ube of Eng Bee Tin, since you can really taste the shrimp. The wrapper wasn’t too thick. They also have free tea so that’s a plus.

I’ve started to veer away from pork and beef so I mainly focus on fish and veggies these days. I can eat pork and beef though, but only occasionally. King Chef has a broad menu to offer though and it’s loved by many. Great place to dine in, nice staff, at fair enough prices.

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King Chef SM City North EDSA

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