Milka Cashew & Caramel and Brownie & Berry Ice Creams

So here we are again, testing the limits of our sugar tolerance. We ran into this promo, Buy one take one, of Milka’s ice cream variety. They’re taped together so you only have a choice between those that are joined together. Some have the same flavor and since we want to try it out, we got the promo with different flavors.

So, it comes down to two flavors, Cashew & Caramel and Brownie & Berry. We shared our ice creams so we could both taste it and by golly, I almost forgot. They’re roughly P450 with the promo. So that’s P450 per pint on a regular basis. We leveled up our expectation to the max. Our bar is Tillamook’s ice cream, Selecta’s Hershey’s with Almond (with good serving of almonds by the way) and others from Nestle and Selecta.

So how was it? Well, we won’t tease you anymore. We didn’t like both of them. The flavors were really weak for such a price and it’s Milka. The chocolate bar is good, but these two ice cream variants are really a poor excuse for an ice cream, with a terrible price point.

Let’s start with Cashew & Caramel. My pet peeve when it comes to most ice creams is definitely the amount of ingredients put into it. If it’s nuts, there should be enough nuts and in this case, I could hardly taste the cashew. The caramel is bland. It should be sweet. It’s caramel, for crying out loud. It’s sugar level is around 31.8 g per 100g.

The Brownie & Berry is similar. It has very little ingredients to it. There are mini chunks of brownies, but you can’t taste them. They’re tasteless and the berry, at least, there’s some of. I guess the main issue here is the base ice cream. It is like the foundation of the ice cream so if it is bad, subpar quality, it affects the entire ice cream.

Just take a look at Selecta’s current Reese’s offering. It is meh, compared to the original Reese’s ice cream they had years ago that had a chocolate base. It was royal back then, but now it’s just okay.

Don’t get us started with its packaging. It was paper. After a few minutes of eating, it literally turned into mush. It’s hard to grasp it in our hands because it’s too soft. I decided to finish it up just to relieve us of the burden of eating it again.

The chocolate bar is okay, but Milka’s ice cream variants are really not recommended. It is so plain, lacks ingredients, ridiculously priced, poorly packages and extensively unhealthy, you’d best stay away and choose other brands. It’s more expensive than gelato, for crying out loud. There are a lot of other premium ice creams available anyway. No wonder they put it on sale. But still, at P200+, it doesn’t justify it at all. If you’re looking for it to try it, it would be hard to find them. They need to improve on their offering.

Milka Ice Creams

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