The All-New S&R Pepperoni Cream Cheese Pizza for a limited time only!

We love S&R New York Style’s pizzas and this year, for a limited time, they offer the new Pepperoni Cream Cheese pizza. It’s a bit more expensive at P129 per slice, but is it worth the extra few pesos? I went there yesterday to try it out at S&R Eastwood and brought home one each for me and my wife.

Looking at the pizza, it does look like the usual mouth-watering pizza from S&R and the noticeable feature of this flavor are the cream cheese patches among the toppings. Yes, that’s all cream cheese and you can either spread it throughout the pizza, which my wife did, or eat it as it is.

It is so good that it’s probably the best pizza I have eaten thus far. The slice is quite big, and the toppings are thick. It has quite the pepperonis on top as well and the mozzarella base cheese is still delectable. We ate it while it was still fairly hot and it’s just oozing with flavor. This is how I envision the greatest pizza should be, even though it’s a basic pizza flavor with extra creamy cheese, so it instantly became my favorite.

That cream cheese patch is so cheesy, yes that’s on top of the mozzarella cheese base, and very, very creamy. My wife and I ate in awe at how good this pizza is. My next favorite would be S&R’s very own garlic shrimp pizza.

This new offering will last until February 28, 2018, so you still have several weeks more to try it out. If you haven’t tried it out yet, we highly recommend this pizza and eat in moderation as it really felt unhealthy the moment I bit it. I almost lost control. I wanted to go back to S&R to buy a box.

S&R Pepperoni Cream Cheese Pizza

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