Ombu Kusina Sequoia Hotel Breakfast Buffet

We stayed at Sequoia Hotel, which is by far one of the most comfortable hotels we’ve stayed in, for a restcation (yes, I made that up since we checked-in primarily to rest) and included in our package was buffet breakfast for 2. We’ll skip the details of the hotel for this overview and focus on Ombu Kusina at the ground floor of the hotel where we had the buffet breakfast.

When you book at the hotel’s website, the breakfast buffet for 2 is just for a few hundred pesos, P300 for 2 as of this writing for the Standard King room. Most of the restaurants around the area are closed early in the morning so having your breakfast here at Ombu is practical and convenient. At that price, we didn’t really expect good food and we even had a promo for our stay wherein we had more than P1,000 discount for the room.

First, the place is quite cozy. It’s an elegant-looking restaurant and we, of course, ate at the sofa/couch. There were plenty of tables and at that time, there were quite a lot of guests but there were always tables for everyone. They’re spaced quite well too and we didn’t bump with other guests. Nice and helpful staff as well, just a bit lacking when it comes to initiative. Yes, they made us wait and they didn’t tell us that they weren’t opening so we waited unnecessarily for more than 30 minutes.

As for the food, they served quite a few breakfast items such as sausages, eggs, ham, noodles, soup, rice and juices. For P150 per head, roughly, and take note that prices may change, that’s already more than enough especially if you eat a lot during breakfast buffets.

I think I ate way more than P150 worth of food that day. The number of dishes was limited, but at least, they keep it refilled all the time. They were still good and we were really full and as much as we wanted to try to stay awake, we were very comfortably full when we got back to our room so we slept. I liked the sausages even though I am abstaining from pork and beef and I’ve had too many eggs that day, which was just fine since I was recovering my strength.

The noodle soup was good and it was one of my wife’s favorites. The ham was just about right too, but that rice was quite special. I tried my best to control my rice serving, but I guess I had a bit more than enough. The cakes aren’t included and they have menus for their casual dining. Looking at the prices, they’re quite expensive. We’re fine with the breakfast.

We liked the buffet breakfast at Ombu Kusina at Sequoia Hotel and we’re glad we took the option. Basic breakfast, but of course, they can improve on it still by offering more dishes. A few more would probably do and much better and healthier than the fast food restaurants in the area.

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Ombu Kusina Sequoia Hotel Buffet Breakfast

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