Persian Avenue SM Megamall

My wife and I were just strolling about in The Podium, which apparently is invested by SM, and as we were walking towards SM Megamall Bldg A, we saw Persian Avenue along the tunnel on soft opening. We love gyros, kebabs and the likes. There were a lot of people there, mostly guests who are employees of SM as well as the managers and most likely, the owners.

We thought they were just for SM staff but they said we were welcome to try to we went ahead and tried out their food. We ordered chicken and beef kebab rice meals. They are quite good and is on par with most of the Persian restaurants that we’ve tried.

There isn’t too much differentiation though and although it’s good-tasting, it isn’t unique and no real value-add. The servings are good though and they were cooked well and priced just about right. We may try other branches that are already officially opened.

On the other hand, they are located in an awkward part of SM Megamall. They’re on the side by the tunnel between SM Megamall buildings A and B. Not too many people pass through here compared to almost any area inside the mall. It’s along building A and not too far from the entrance, but still you’d be exposed to the pollution from the cars in the tunnel, which experience heavy traffic every once in a while.

As for the restaurant itself, it’s pretty much recognizable from afar with their teal/brown color combination. What we didn’t like were their tables and chairs. They chairs were wooden squares and the tables were small. It was quite uncomfortable and there’s no backrest. The space is also quite small and even though we’re near the entrance, it was tedious going out of the restaurant because the tables are too close to one another. I bumped into the lady sitting on the next table because we’re cramped inside.

The staffs were nice and we had a chat with the manager as well. The place was too busy since it was their soft opening and SM staff and management were there.

We liked the food at Persian Avenue, but their location and ambiance isn’t attractive. Yes, you can eat again and again if you’d like, especially if you specifically like their menu, but we’d most likely eat at another branch instead or other middle-eastern restaurants. It’s still good to try though and other branches seem to be very good too.

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Persian Avenue SM Megamall

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