Ramen Kuroda Cybermall, Eastwood City Libis

We were looking for a ramen house since my wife is already craving for it, which has ultimately rubbed off on me too. One of my friends at work recommended Ramen Kuroda at the 3rd floor of Cybermall, which is where most of the restaurants are. If you’re not familiar with Eastwood City, coming from the Citibank/MDC/Mercury Drug entrance, just keep on going straight until you reach the first intersection with a traffic light. While on that intersection, the building to your immediate right should be the Cyber & Fashion mall or what I usually call just Cybermall.

The place isn’t that attractive though. Even though the façade is designed really well, inside, the seats are very near each other and there aren’t that many tables. The seats do not have back rests so there’s even a chance to lean backwards on another person. The tables are big enough for the ramen though.

The staff were nice, especially the guy in the picture who is helping most of us. We got our orders really, really fast. My wife and I ordered their specialty, the Kuro ramen for P180 each, which is roast garlic-flavored tonkatsu ramen. The serving is really good for its price. We ordered an extra egg and split it between us too.

Not surprisingly, the ramen was delicious. It was really as good as my friend told me. The garlicky taste complements the ramen and the noodles aren’t too shabby. They’re easy to eat and doesn’t tangle that much. Those onion sprouts also helped with the flavoring. We also noticed that the meat or the pork tonkatsu was tender and easy to eat. I had no problems at all eating with chopsticks. There’s also a soup spoon should you wish to sip the tasty soup.

There are a few ramen choices though, but they have other foods to offer such as set meals, drinks and other Japanese cuisine sets.

Apart from the place, Ramen Kuroda is what we’ve been looking for in a ramen. It’s delicious, good quality noodles, well-cooked and nice flavor. We can’t wait to try the others. So from our friend to you, our readers, we recommend Ramen Kuroda. They have other branches too and I think the next nearest one is at Grand Venice in Taguig, unless they have opened a new branch on or after this writing.

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Ramen Kuroda Eastwood Cybermall

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