Richmonde Hotel Café + Bar Eastwood Breakfast Buffet

We’ve always wanted to stay at Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood and we had the chance this time so we made sure we got the buffet breakfast included in our room’s package as well. Several years ago, we stayed for a little more than 3 weeks at Richmonde Ortigas and we had a blast with their breakfast buffet. I gained almost 40 lbs that short period of time, which was actually dangerous. And early last year, we stayed at Richmonde Ortigas and had a good experience with their buffet still.

So what does Richmonde Café+Bar in Eastwood City has to offer when it comes to the breakfast buffet? Well, we had our expectations and some were met and a few weren’t. First of all, let’s talk about the place. It’s conveniently located at the ground floor by the main entrance of the hotel, which is just in front of Robinson’s Supermarket. No worries about the elevator since even though there were a lot of guests and there are 30+ floors, their elevators were still efficient.

We had to get there early, at around 5, if I remember correctly, so we were the first ones there and were able to take pictures. And of course, we chose the table that we want. The place is actually organized well. The tables are on the sides and there’s plenty of room for everybody to move around the buffet area. The desserts and breads are near the entrance of the restaurant and the main courses at the center. There’s a TV with cable so you could watch while eating.

We wanted to try as many as we can. We tried the veggies, adobo, the breads, pancit, the fish and the eggs. They’re all good. We were satisfied. Even though they were cooked for many, they didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. My personal favorites were the veggies and their omelet, which you can request from them. The adobo was just okay, but I have a certain adobo that I like next to pork humba.

The staffs were nice, even though there weren’t many of them that early, and they were helpful to the guests. The place is neat and tidy and the seats were very comfortable. People started pouring in an hour after we started, but that was just okay since we were about to leave anyway. I’m just not sure if it can handle that many patrons at the same time with the number of rooms available and the sheer number of guests.

There weren’t that many desserts though and they don’t have the unlimited Nutella like Richmonde Ortigas had. And for the desserts that were available, none were good. They’re tasty, but not succulent. Drinks are available so that is a major plus.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at the hotel and the breakfast as well. When we got back to our room, as much as we’d want to stay awake, we felt really sleepy because of the good food. If you have booked for a room at Richmonde Hotel Eastwood, we’d recommend their breakfast buffet. This should cover your day, until the afternoon at least.

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Richmonde Hotel Café + Bar Eastwood Breakfast Buffet

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