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We love sandwiches, especially those that are unique and are of healthy variety. One sandwich place that comes to mind is The Sandwich Guy. We are frequent visitors in Eastwood City and during our staycation at Richmonde Hotel, we decided to have sandwiches for our merienda.

The Sandwich Guy is on the second floor of Techno Plaza, which is where Robinson’s Supermarket is located. There are bridgeways abound so you could go from one place to another and you need not cross the busy street below.

The thing is that they have very limited seating. Although there aren’t many who dine in, the number of tables/seats is significantly few. During one of our visits, a lady even hogged the couch for hours while using her laptop. We were able to walk around, buy groceries and she was still there.

Since I am on a no-pork no-beef diet, I usually order Country Tuna or BBQ Chicken. They both taste great and I always buy the whole sandwich. It’s not that big anyway. It’s comparable to the usual loaves of bread you buy in the supermarkets, i.e., medium-large tasty bread.

Even the price isn’t half. You’d have more value when you buy the whole sandwich. But rest assured, they taste great and the branch here in Eastwood delivers. They are nice and they already are somewhat familiar with me and my wife. They also don’t mess up with the serving. The sandwich filling is generous.

Overall, this is a good branch of Sandwich Guy with nice staff and has the offerings of The Sandwich Guy. Healthy option is a big plus. The only downside is that the place is quite small and could get noisy due to the passersby to and from the supermarket.

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The Sandwich Guy

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