Shrimpylicious SM City North EDSA

On the way home, wifey had a shrimp craving and while I was checking out the groceries at the supermarket, she went for a shrimp mix from Shrimpylicious at SM North EDSA main mall. Their food stall is along the food stalls just beside the main SM Supermarket, which is about in front of Classic Savory.

We tried the shrimp lumpia, shrimp tempura (of course!) and shrimp nuggets. The sauces that came with it was specifically for the one we got like the tempura sauce for the tempura and nuggets and the sweet chili sauce for the lumpia.

It was actually really good. They’re still crunchy after taking it back home. The nuggets, even though there was much breading, still had the distinct shrimp taste and went well with the tempura sauce. Which brings me to the tempura. It is much tightly packed and it isn’t the usual tempura that you usually see from restaurants where there’s too much breading and you only get a small shrimp.

Shrimpylicious, however, has a much lighter breading, and better-cooked as you can see from the burnt color. It is very delicious. It’s also not that small. And then, the shrimp lumpia. Okay. I actually don’t know where to start. The lumpia wrapper isn’t too thick, which is very good. It covers the shrimp just enough for the tail to show. Don’t worry about the shell, they’re already removed. Just hold the tail and eat away.

Overall, I wished we ordered more. We’ll definitely be back to try out some of the other shrimp dishes. Love shrimps? They’re worth trying out. Just eat in moderation. They’re fried and “putok-batok”.

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Shrimpylicious SM City North EDSA

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