Tokyo Tokyo Market! Market!

So here we are again with another Tokyo Tokyo branch, this time in Market! Market! at Bonifacio Global City or BGC. This time we’d like to try the take-out experience as well as observe those that are dining in. We actually ordered the same thing from another branch, the Wagyu Beek and Chicken Teriyaki. So we’ll focus on our observations first about the place.

We actually liked the staff here. They were courteous and were able to get what we requested, the lone cake that we had reserved. And that was even though the place was really teeming with customers since it was near dinner time. The place is quite big. There are a lot of tables, but even so, it couldn’t accommodate peak dinner time. But space is limiting them because there are already tables outside the walkway, which is very uncomfortable because Market! Market! is one of the busiest malls I’ve ever seen, even without sale or a major event.

The price was the same. However, we were surprised when we got home. A good characteristic of a restaurant is consistency and it should be applied regardless if you’re dining in or having your food to-go. They were both tasty, but lacks a bit of flavor due to the sauce. We understand. They may have thought since we’re taking it out that the sauce would spill or something, but what about other restaurants? They put their sauces in small pouches.

Still looks and tastes good. They don’t have any other differentiation other than their nice staff members and ability to handle multiple customers, but they still have that Tokyo Tokyo feel to it and should be a good branch should you want Japanese fast food. Just bear with the long lines and a bit longer waiting time due to the volume.

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Tokyo Tokyo Market! Market!

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