Tokyo Tokyo SM Megamall

There are lots of Japanese fast food chains nowadays, but sometimes, you want to go old school and try out some that have been here for a while, especially if they have a new offering. So we decided to try out Tokyo Tokyo in their SM Megamall branch. You won’t miss it since it’s on the ground floor of Building A.

The place is quite cramped, however, there are still a good number of tables so on a regular day, it shouldn’t be hard to sit. However, during lunch/dinner and on a weekend, especially on a 3-day sale, it could be a challenge much like any other restaurant in this area since this is where most of the people are converged.

The tables are just your simple tables and chairs, but even though the place is cramped, they are arranged in a particular order that doesn’t make it hard to move around. The staff are very helpful too and still smiling despite the number of customers they are serving.

I ordered my all-time favorite, in all Japanese restaurants, the chicken teriyaki, intimately called Best Chicken Teriyaki bento for P170 or P250 for an upgrade, which includes an extra drink, soup or California maki. We tried both types of upgrades on our meals. It’s not that bad and it tastes good. Nothing too unique though, but it’s saucy and well-cooked. There’s veggies too, but for a price of P170, it could go lower, but our inflation is soaring so it’s quite unfortunate.

My wife ordered one of their newest offerings, their beef wagyu bento meal. It’s on a stick and it’s quite tender and very meaty. We really liked it and it’s only for P165. Price may vary though. For wagyu beef, the price just seems about right. The rice is nothing special, but a bit effervescent.

Overall, this branch is what you have come to expect from Tokyo Tokyo as a Japanese fast food chain. They kept the quality of their food intact and can handle very big numbers of customers. The prices are expected as well and still a pleasure to eat.

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Tokyo Tokyo SM Megamall

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