Tori Chizu SM Megamall’s TC Original Chicken

Japanese food with a cheezy twist is quite interested so we tried Tori Chizu’s specialty, the TC Original Chicken. Tori means bird and chizu is their romaji or English pronunciation of cheese. So it’s basically chicken cheese. Tori Chizu in Megamall isn’t hard to find. They’re on the ground floor of building A. We ordered the chicken to-go, but looking at the place, it has plenty of seats and should be a good place to eat.

We really can’t say much about it except that it’s uniquely cheezy good. At P145, it has a good serving, however, it was already hard since we took it home. It surely would taste great if it’s just cooked. It was still quite good and cheesy alright, and it doesn’t fully overpower the chicken, which is good since chicken is their specialty. We heated it a bit though.

Given the experience we had, we want to try out their other offerings and dine in at the restaurant in Megamall. The manager was also friendly. We had issues since the cashier forgot to process our order so they forgot that we were waiting. The manager assisted us in getting the chicken as quickly as possible.

Overall, Tori Chizu seems to be well worth it and looking at the number of people eating there, it’s quite good. It’s not a menu that you would eat every day, but it’s a nice change.

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Tori Chizu’s TC Original Chicken

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